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My BlogSite is http://www.thaicountrylife.com

Can someone tell me why Paris Hilton is famous?

(my friend miriam says because she has aphrodite energy.  huh.)

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i have a plethora of online identities: karl88    indiakarl  thaikarl  :pick one

GOOGLE videos thaikarl video from thailand
KARLtv my "normal" vidoes
YouTube videos indiakarl a few more

 :.:.:.:.:.:.   a recent YouTube video: Mole Bangers! .:.:.:.:.:.:.:

zenoamerica.com is a domain i have used for many years. the  link takes you to the last incarnation before i moved everything here. have to fix many broken links.

analogisdead.com - the domain says it all
flickr my photos
Analog is Dead my other blog

travelogue of my last trip(s) to thailand
Picassa Lots of my photos here
BandAmp some of my music posted here

http://www.tigermountainparagliding.com is hosted here
(this backround image is driving me crazy)

my sisters house painted she couldn't make up her mind about the color
My Box of Media music, video, pix
Hot and Funky Fest art cars are fun
John and Karl - many years ago a portrait
All the kids in my family photo taken in 2003